We know life happens. And, at times, customers may fall behind on financial commitments. We understand.

Agent here to assist

Who is PRA Group (UK) Limited

PRA Group works with each of our customers individually to find an affordable way for them to become debt free and so regain control of their finances.

Our expert team – with around 280 people based in our Kilmarnock office and 120 people based in our Bromley office – are here to help our customers get back on track.

We  deal with large amounts of debt from a variety of creditors. The types of accounts we handle include:

  • credit cards
  • loans
  • store cards and finance 
  • hire purchase 
  • mail order
  • most other forms of credit available


Once we have taken legal ownership or become the nominated servicer for these debts, we help our customers resolve their debts, with an affordable repayment plan, that is right for them.